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    Cannot import a duplicate name in EE Connector from different AD's LDAP Connectors




      I currently help out with a Endpoint Encryption installation. We have just upgraded to manager and have experienced an issue with the import of users from AD.

      We have a strange setup in that we have one Endpoint Encryption Manager Server, with three seperate organisations running, Each has thier own user base and LDAP connector.

      We have just noticed an issue and I'm not sure if it is an issue or just the way sfaeboot operates.

      Let me set the scene we have Three EEUser Groups Each group belongs to seperate AD's and each has a seperate LDAP Connector configured, when we run a connector update evrything appears to work fine, however we notice today that if we have a duplicate name in a seperate AD one of the duplicate names will not be ported accross into the User Group.

      i was under the undertsnading that each user has a unique ID, so was expecting the name to not be an issue, can anyone advise if A) we can't have duplicate names and B) if we can what am I doing wrong.


      thanks in advance