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    VSE 8.7i Killing Citrix Servers When Updating

      Hi Guys,



      We have been running VSE 8.7i on all servers and workstations for months without any problems, but we pushed it out to our 4 TS / Citrix servers yesterday and it completely killed all of them whilst it was doing its initial push and update. By "killed" I mean mcshield.exe using up 100% of the CPU for just over 20 minutes.Once the install had finished and the latest DATs had been downloaded from our EPO server then they all settled down. However, when those 4 Citrix servers have automatically updated to the latest DATs today, we found that the same thing happened... each server is maxed out for 20 minutes.



      So are there any specific exclusions we should add for Terminal Services and/or Citrix (I searched but couldnt find any other than just C:\Program Files\Citrix but adding this has not helped) ? If not, can anyone offer any suggestions as to why this is happening and how we can resolve it?






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