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    Missed Trojan

      My PC was recently infected with a trojan that is identified on the net as "Google Redirect virus".  Mcafee did not find the infected file during a full scan.  I had to use AdAware to rid my machine of the infected files.  The name from AdAware of the file that was removed is "Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT".  I am not sure if this is helpful at all, but wanted the community to know that this risk is out there.

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          Thanks for posting the info.  No antivirus application can catch everything that's out there, that's why there's a submission programme.



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            my computer gets pop ups (in the wrong browser) whenever i visit mcafee websites (including this one). this happens nowhere else, but i have recieved at least one trojan from them. did not want to pay them to tell support about the issue, so i came here. sorry to take up space on your thread

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              I suspect that there is some infection in the machine that;'s doing this as McAfee websites themselves aren't a source of infection.


              Try scanning with an independent scanner such as the free version of THIS tool.  Update it before running and then run a full scan and let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.


              Also could you clarify which browser you use and which browser is the popup appearing in and what does that popup say?


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                Also what does the popup look like?

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                  ill try the scanner, thanks.

                  the issue is nothing serious, but here it is: i use google chrome, the popups appear in internet exporer, usually telling me i have viruses and need to let them scan my computer, ect. I dissmiss these out of hand, espesialy because of the browser they appear in, so i have never looked closely at them, though they do usually show the Mcafee logo. I say that i recieved a trojan, but im not actually sure; all i really know is that a window pops up annoyingly, i shut it down, and my own Mcafee scanner picks up a virus that was not there an hour ago.

                        (as a side note: this may already be fixed, as it did not happen today, and i posted the problem just after removing the trojan yesterday).

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                    alright, i dissconnected the computer from the internet, and scanned with both the malwarebytes' scanner and Mcafee. Mcafee found nothing, the other found some 60 threats, most from something called clickpotatolite.

                         first, is this a trustworthy scanner, and

                         second, is this a known virus?

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                      Yes it is reliable Peter gave it to you he would not do otherwise 


                      Seems a lot of hits re the malware on google

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                        thank you for the help. all pieces of the virus have been deleted, im back online, and did not have any trouble accessing this site. thanks

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                          Glad you are OK now. ;-)