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    new update problems

      I have just paid for the new license but I have a problem and cnnot run the programme. I think the key is that i cannot stop "ISd0d_2208". My laptop is driving me crazy..

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          I can´t either make McAfee site advisor work at all. Before updating everithing worked properly

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            JLF, please clarify the following:


            1. What is your Operating System?

            2. What is the version of McAfee you have installed in the computer and how was that installed?

            3. What is the key "ISd0d_2208" that you are trying to stop - please explain about it



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              Aldrin, thank you very much for your support. I have already solved the problem rebboting my laptop to the date before the problem arose.


              Anyhow the data you requested is:


              - My op stm is W7

              - The version of McAfee is the one to download from the original website for 2011

              - The programme I was trying to stop was a PUP that afected the whole system. I think was downloades from the web from "OPENCPN"



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                Glad to know you got them fixed. However, please let us know if you come across with any other issues. Thanks