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    Problem installing AntiVirus Plus

      I downloaded McAfee AntiVirus Plus and then tried to install it on my pc.  I have Windows XP and I uninstalled all other antispyware programs (when running the installation program it scanned my pc and any other programs that were marked as not compatable I uninstalled and rebooted my pc) and disabled my Windows firewall.  4 different times now I have ran the installlation program and after all the files were ready to finish the installation I got a error message stating that the McAfee AntiVirus Plus has not passed Window Logo testing to verify it's compatability with Windows XP.  Each time I have clicked on "Install Anyway", however each time the installation  has closed down and I got a message that none of the files were installed.  Also when I downloaded and ran the McAfee Virtual Tecnician after scanning my files it stated that no McAfee programs were found on my pc.  What can I do to get the program installed on my pc??  As an additional problem, when I had gotten tired of all the problems I was having with trying to install McAfee and the lack of compatability it has with many other anti-spyware programs, I decided to run AVG instead.  I could not install the AVG because of the McAfee "legacy files" that I could not uninstall or remove from my pc no matter what I did.  Help!!

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          Remove Mcafee via tool in useful links tab above.


          You can then run mcpreinstall tool and retry to install it if you wish.

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            Thank you, I did what you recommended and it did work.  I still got the message about the program not tested for the Windows logo for compatability with Windows XP at least a dozen times and each time I clicked on install anyway..after the 12th time it finally did go ahead and install.  I cannot beleive that the Mcafee AintiVirus Plus program is not tested for compatablity with Windows XP so why did I have so much of a problem with the installation?

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              I am unsure why I just reinstalled it on my XP test PC and had no such issue. So did you get it to install?

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                Yes, thank you.

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                  Probably , I would doubt if the computer was up-to-date with windows ; like Service pack or any other important Microsoft updates deems to get errors as such. Anyways, glad that you are OK now, Please get back for any other assistance.

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                    Please help me,


                    I have a anti virus plus (3 licence).

                    I correctly installed it on my Windows Vista PC


                    Now I'm having trouble installing it on my PC with Windows XP (SP3 1,73 Ghz / 1 Gb)

                    for a short time the message was something like (sorry, didn't write it down) "... make sure you've got Javascript installed correctly and enabled"....

                    After reinstalling this message never came up again.


                    I have made sure that i don't have any mallware on my PC

                    I installed McPreInstall and ran it.


                    Each time trying to install the anti virus plus, it stopped and saying: (i have to translate this from Dutch) De safety-functions can't be installed. Try to reinstall the software, run "Mcafee Virtual Technician" or contact McAfee for more information.


                    The virtual technician can't find any software (of course not! It didn't install!) I've tried reinstalling about twenty times!

                    So you guys are my final hope.

                    What can i do??

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                      I can't help you, but I discovered the same problem on my Windows XP machine.


                      After first time installing, no internet acces whose possible. No browser, no email. Many other programs didn't start at all, while no firewall was activ.
                      After uninstalling and a new download, it seemed to be succesfull: McAfee was updating and a full scan reported no problems at all, also Windows is up to date. Fot that time I could read my mail again. After a reboot (the other day) the same problems occoured.
                      I decided to uninstall it for the time I can't find a good answere on my problems.

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                        Uninstall using the MCPR tool (useful links tab above) reboot run the Mcpreinstall tool mentioned below and retry the install.





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