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    Problem installing AntiVirus Plus

      I downloaded McAfee AntiVirus Plus and then tried to install it on my pc.  I have Windows XP and I uninstalled all other antispyware programs (when running the installation program it scanned my pc and any other programs that were marked as not compatable I uninstalled and rebooted my pc) and disabled my Windows firewall.  4 different times now I have ran the installlation program and after all the files were ready to finish the installation I got a error message stating that the McAfee AntiVirus Plus has not passed Window Logo testing to verify it's compatability with Windows XP.  Each time I have clicked on "Install Anyway", however each time the installation  has closed down and I got a message that none of the files were installed.  Also when I downloaded and ran the McAfee Virtual Tecnician after scanning my files it stated that no McAfee programs were found on my pc.  What can I do to get the program installed on my pc??  As an additional problem, when I had gotten tired of all the problems I was having with trying to install McAfee and the lack of compatability it has with many other anti-spyware programs, I decided to run AVG instead.  I could not install the AVG because of the McAfee "legacy files" that I could not uninstall or remove from my pc no matter what I did.  Help!!