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    Quick Clean

      Is there any way to check the progress of Quick Clean while it is working?

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          Please ignore this question. McAfee online support helped me with my problem.

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            OK, good luck.

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              Thanks very much for your interest.  I spent over an hour on an internet chat with McAfee - they couldn't fix the problem.  Evidently Quick Clean should take only 15 minutes and mine wasn't working properly (was taking hours).  Now they want me to re-install my McAfee software.  I'll give it a try later today or tomorrow.  I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about my computer but am still apprehensive when doing this sort of thing (I'm 69 years old).

              Thanks again.

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                You're the same age as me so join the club ;-)


                Although you can't watch the progress of Quickclean the same as you can for VirusScan it shouldn't take that long.  You may have it set to remove a type of file that has somehow become corrupted.   Registry cleaners are usually responsible for that, sometimes infections also.


                An uninstall, cleanup using the removal tool (see Useful Links at top of this page), reboot and reinstall usually sorts out these problems.


                Good luck to you.



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                  Thanks so much for your help and encouragement!

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                    You're welcome.