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    How to retrieve the effective settings (RSOP-like) of VSE or MA ?

      Hi all !


      I'd like to generate a one-shot inventory of all settings (NOT policies) that apply to VSE, on each of our machines.


      For instance, when you open VSE's console, and view the "On-Access Scanner" properties, what you get is the set of parameters which result from all the inherited policies.


      For example, if a machine herits from

      • an "On-Access High-Risk Processes Policy" containing exclusions
      • an "On-Access Low-Risk Processes Policy" containing exclusions
      • an "On-Access Default Process Policy" which says that only one rule applies for all processes (thus without high-risk / low-risk aspect)

      all you will see in the console is the "All Processes" settings and exclusions.

      That's exactly what I'd like to get : only settings which are finally applied, like a RSOP of the policies received from the ePO.


      I know you can click on a machine from the System Tree of ePO, to get some of these settings, but :

      • not all information is displayed (for instance, you won't see the path/file names which are excluded from scanning)
      • there is no way to export the displayed data
      • even if there was an export button, I don't want to click 10.000 times to export the details of all the systems



      I guess the possible ways are

      • trying to retrieve the files containing policies, from each machine, via a simple scripted file copy. But will these files really contain only "RSOP" settings ?
      • using a SQL script to compute these "RSOP's" from ePO's database. This sounds much more complicated, but I assume that this is what's happening when I open System Tree > click one system > click "More" hyperlink in the "VirusScan Enterprise" section.



      Has someone tried to generate such an inventory, and could give me some hints ?



      on 13/12/10 16:33:33 CET