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    Getsusp proxy


      We have six internet ingrees/egress points, 2 per region. All of our proxy settings are governed by an auto-proxy script. This script contains failover logic and selects the proper proxy server based on client subnet.


      The current implementation of using a fixed proxy could leasd to failures if  the specified proxy server is down. Please consider enabling use of an auto proxy script to set the proxy data. this will insure that the client will always have access to the internet without the ePO user knowing the names of the regional proxy servers or thier status.

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          Thank you for the continued feedback.


          We've discussed auto-populating proxy information within GetSusp in the past by reading the browser settings on a system. Will discuss with the dev team the feasibility of this request.


          Vinoo Thomas
          Technical Product Manager, McAfee Labs



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