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    IRC BOT/virus


      So I got this from Rogers EUA Management Team Notice



      Rogers is concerned about your personal security. We're writing you today to advise you that one or more of the computers in your home connected to the Rogers Internet service appears to be infected with an "IRC Bot/Virus"


      I installed McAfee Internet Security 2011 did a full scan and found nothing.........


      So does this mean I don't have the virus? If I do how do I find it and get rid of it??


      Windows XP system

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          Peter M

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          I hope this is XP SP3 and fully updated?


          Rogers must be sending you that message because of alleged spam emails going out from your machine, have you detected any?


          They could also be mistaken of course as there are infections which can spoof the senders email address and actually be originating from someone else's machine who just happens to have your email address in their address book.


          Read this Required Reading first.


          That particular worm has been on McAfee's books for years so it's unlikely you have it but just in case I suggest running a scan using the free version of THIS software, update it first though and let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.

          By the way, I'm a Rogers customer and believe me, they are forever sending out cryptic letters and emails which I, for the most part, totally ignore unless they mention a price increase ;-)



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            I would like to ignore their messages except they will suspend my internet service.....until I fix this


            I will try the virus detector you provided


            Thank you

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              Peter M

              OK and good luck.