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    FMR ePO functionality


      There has been previous discussions to have an ePO switch and the ability to have the client save the logs and archive on the ePO server. My understanding was that the computer name would be used in the file names to avoid collisions. But I think that the client was supposed to use a file share for this process.


      I suggest that Windows file shares should not be used. Instead, the Getsusp program should use the McAfee Agent data channel to store the information in the ePO DB. We should have access to the file and log data via the ePO console.


      The benefits as I see them to this implementation are:

      1. AgentHandlers placed in the DMZ could collect data from clients that are outside the corporate perimeter. Currently if I set a task to execute Getsusp and the client is not on internal network, the process will hang on the client. If the data would be transferred via agent communication, then all clients could be serviced via Getsusp, McAfee Agent, and ePO.
      2. Depending on how the data is stored in the DB, we could then report on Getsusp results.
      3. If Getsusp would be ported to platforms other than Windows, these Non-Windows clients would use the same data store. Windows file shares would be problematic.
      4. Common interface and data management would be possible via HTTP from any platform.



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