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    Unknown error

      Hi. litlle help

      Mcafee icon on taskbar and right click, now is changed the  menu,now it appears small not like before. where is error and how get fix it ?

      And firewall doesn't work with notification as before. Is it a bug or..?

      Thank you




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          Your screenshot shows that your software is functioning as it is supposed to. The reason things are different is you are running a newer version of McAfee than before since the icon is different. When the software is initially installed it installs with McAfee's recommended default settings. You can customise the software to your preferences but I recommend using the defaults.

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            I think she is referring to this



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              Wrong Tom. Sorry !


              CopyRon has shown what i mean. My mcafee software was failed, something is changed in function. Unkown, probably error in windows system?.

              On my first print screen i've shown you how it is, and i couldn't open anything from ''right click'' menu, freez !


              Yeasterday  i format. and installed new windows and now McAfee work  as before , everything is OK.

              New print screen pict. :

              Thanks for your answers and greetings



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                Glad that you are ok now, please do get back to us if any issues

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                  I should have looked at your screenshot a little bit longer before posting. I am glad to hear you are ok now.