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    Virus, System Restore and Internet won't open now

      Ok, so my sister got the virus through Internet Suite. We couldn't open her anti-virus so she did a system restore and now she can't get into the internet. The page opens and just sits there. I've read all the ways to fix the Internet Suite virus, but she can't do any of those because IE won't open a webpage at all. She has Windows 7. Thanks for your help.

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          Before we start going off in the wrong direction, could you tell us :

          1. What exactly was the name of the virus, Trojan, or whatever that caused this problem?

          2. So internet Explorer won't connect to the  internet : have you got any other browsers available on the PC, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera?

          3. What is the operating system - Windows 7, Vista, XP?  Sorry. It's Windows 7, you said.

          4. Is it only IE that won't now respond or are there any other programs that are displaying odd behaviour?

          5. Do you have a spare USB port on the PC : if you can download fixes onto a memory stick and plug it in then you're halfway there. Just remember to scan the USB device for infection when (or before) you put it into another machine, and preferably also just before you take it out again. Better safe than sorry.

          6. If you can find the Run command from your Start section, enter 'cmd' and in the monochrome window type 'ping mcafee.com' - you should get 4 replies if your connection is still sound. If they time out, let us know.



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            If that does not help here are detailed instructions to fix this.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-av-security-suite

            Make sure you follow every thing on here.If you can print it from a working computer & follow exactly.This fake software changes your Internet settings.You must also download Rkill to stop the rogue.Once it is disabled you will be able to run malwarebytes or what ever is instructed.

                                                                                                           Good luck,hope this helps you      Newjack

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              I'm not sure about the name. My sister called me in there after it happened. I know it was Internet Suite because it appeared on her desktop and it kept popping up boxes saying that she had all these viruses, she was being hacked and more and that she needed to buy the software in order to remove them. She got it by opening a webpage. Her AVG anti-virus would not open, so I tried to re-load it and when I tried to go to the website, it kept changing the website to anything but the one I was trying to get to. That is when we did the system restore to the previous day and her internet quit working.


              She has no other way of getting on the internet.


              We haven't checked the programs and since she is in bed, I'll have to check on that and get back with you.


              I believe she does have a spare USB port.


              I'll check the pings also and let you know.


              Thanks for your reply.

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                Thank you for your reply. I will try this if the other doesn't work.