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    Mcaffee 2010 Virus Scan won't install on Windows 7??

      Hi there.


      About 6 months ago I purchased Mcaffee Intenet Security 2010 from Futureshop and installed it on my HP machine with Windows 7.


      When I first installed it 6 months ago, everything installed properly except one component.  Can't remember what it was, I think it was the Mcafee Backup and Restore component of the Internet Security Suite.


      Anyhow, that wasn't a big deal since as long as I had the firewall and Virus scan working.


      A few days ago, a piece of Spyware(Malware?) hit my computer.  Which disabled and Corrupted Mcaffee.  And all System Restore files got corrupted.  The only way I could block the Spyware out was booting into Safe mode and then running Spybot - And cleaning it out and doing an immunization.


      I then re-installed Mcaffee..  All the components installed properly except the Viruscan.  I don't know why as It won't give any reason. And I tried running the technician program in the installation.


      Anyone else had this problem.  Help would be greatly appreciated.