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    How Do I Remove the 'Fake Alert' Exploit Trojan and 'Fake Alert' Exploit Virus?

      I have the Mcafee total protection downloaded on my computer and it is up to date.  I kept getting 'redirected' when I clicked on a web search. I scanned the computer with my McAfee virus scan and once it quarantined 2 viruses, but several hours later, it was happening again.  I scanned it again and it found nothing.  I found a site for Mcafee and downloaded the general 'stinger' virus removal.  I ran it to scan and it revealed those two problems.  So, I ran it again to repair but when it ran, it said that it could not repair it.  I looked at the reason for that, and it said I needed to disable my system restore.  I did that and ran it again, but it is still saying it cannot fix it.  I called McAfee and they want to charge me $90 to remove it.  I am very frustrated right now.  If I have to pay for virus removal, then why am I paying McAfee?!  Someone please help me with this.  Thank you very much.