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    Malware blocking Guardian.co.uk

      Since Sunday, Nov 28, (six days now) the day that the Guardian published WikiLeaks, I have not been able to access the


      Guardian website.  I consistently get the following error message:  "Server not found: Firefox can't find the server at


      www.guardian.co.uk."  I get a similar message with Internet Explorer.


      I am sure that the Guardian website is up.  There are constant links to it in the New York Times and other websites.


      I believe that malware was installed on my computer on Nov 28 that blocks me from accessing the Guardian website.


      Various anti-virus etc programs cannot find anything wrong with my computer.


      1. How do I get rid of that malware?


      2. Where is the best forum for this issue?


      3. Where is the best place on the web to get help?   I am sure that others must have the same problem.


      4. Who on the web keeps track of such malware?   How do I notify them of this problem?


      Many thanks....!!!!!