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    Adobe Shockwave Stalls


      Adobe Shockwave stales when installing.  Install bar gets to about 30% and stops.

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          Got it fixed.

          Here is what had to be done.


          Added a rule to "Authenticate and Authorize" called "User Agent Bypass Auth"

          Rule Criteria - "Header.Request.Get (String)" matches in list "User Agents for Bypass".   You will need to create this list.

          Under Property (String) selected Parameter.  For value: User Agent

          Added Shockwave Downloader to the list.

          The action is Stop Rule Set.

          You will most likely need to do User Agent Bypass for other applications also.



          Under rule set "Common Rules"

          "Handle Special Sites"  This is a Default Rule and should not be disbaled.

          Rule "Allow URLs that Match in List Resaponce Whitelist in Cycle Responce.

          Added *.macromedia.com to "URL.Host matches in list Response URL Host Without Path Whitelist"

          And that is all I did.


          Well almost.

          I did create other blocking rules for Adobe Products from trying to auto update and hogging all of our bandwidth.  The Adobe updater acts just like a virus.

          I will post another Discussion on Blocking the Adobe Virus (aka Adobe Updater).