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    My email is sending spam

      Hello everybody:


      I have a terrible problem with my laptock, my email is sending spam to everybody. Firstly to all my contacts, after using Malware bytes cleared my  computter of several malwares and virus, secondly i used sitnger and the spam stopped two weeks. Now the problem is worse because my email is sending spam to unknown people who is not in my contacts.


      I run again malware bytes, Mcfee and stinger and aparently my computer is clear but is still sending spam. The only alert that sitnger says is fake alert antivirus studio 2010, rest is clear. I think in stinger i'm not sure told me that my computer was infected by artemis and the file was cleared but i'm not sure.

      I''m really worried because is my personal email address from ten years ago and i use my real name.


      Thanks a lot