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    Win defrag

      Hi, I just wanted to know how to get rid of Win defrag from my computer. I have Mc Afee on my system and I have run a full scan but this was not successful.

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          Same here, and we're not the only ones.  Please see following link:





          I'm on Vista and I cannot find a solution.


          I'm a paying customer and very disappointed to see that this problem has been around for a couple of days with no acknowledgement from McAfee - not that I'm singling McAfee out - I cannot find any acknowledgement from reputable virus management firms anywhere else either.  There seems to be plenty of amateur advice on how to do some very scary manual stuff to your computer (I'm by no means an advanced pc user so cannot even start to attempt these), but I would expect the package that I pay for from McAfee to do this for me.


          Come on McAfee, please at least acknowledge there is a problem, even if you have yet to find a solution!

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            Peter M

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            Win Defrag is a fake computer optimizer programme and as such most antivirus applications have a hard time recognizing it.


            There is an excellent removal guide here:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-win-defrag


            Scroll down the page as the first links are usually advertising.

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              Thanks Ex Brit


              I've downloaded Stopzilla (no mention of payment required) and run the checks (again, no mention of payment required).  There is apparently something called worm.leave.bd on my pc and when I click on remove, yes, you've guessed it (payment required).  Ive been very cautious about avoide bloatware to date and now I am worried that i have two virus checkers on the run potentially conflicting with each other and i dont want to sign up with something ive never heard of before with my credit card details - how do i know win dfrag has not been designed by stopzilla?


              Sorry, but ive had a look at your profile and you look genuine, but hopefully you wil understand when i say that i do not know who to trust when it comes to computers...i rely on mine for my work, so im in a bit of a fix...maybe i will give mcafee a call and give them an earfull - dont find them very useful just when i need them.

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                Peter M

                I assure you I'm genuine and considering I've over 43000 posts on this board I should be.


                I have no idea about Stopzilla, sorry.  I posted the best removal guide on the web, you should follow that.


                Yes it's not a good idea to have 2 A/V applications running togther but Malwarebytes isn't an antivirus so it doesn't clash.



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                  Thanks again, and for the speedy reply.


                  The first thing I saw on the link you posted takes me to stopzilla (the box that states Remove Win Defrag)...I take I was supposed to scroll down past this?

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                    Peter M

                    Oh dear, I should have warned you not to click on the first thing you see.  That is all advertising that pays for their website.


                    Scroll down that page and you'll see the removal guide all laid out for you.

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                      Oh, dear. You've downloaded StopZilla? Not good. I see a plethora of glowing reviews saying how wonderful it is, but the user reviews are decidedly unimpressed. See CNET, SiteAdvisor (11 for, 64 against),  Norton Safe Web (3 for, 24 against), and WOT (42 for, 96 against). Lots of people saying that you'll find it difficult to get it uninstalled. And have a look at this Malwarebytes poll and the responses to it.


                      McAfee may not be the wonderfullest thing ever to have hit the PC-protection marketplace - it has a few minor flaws - but it's genuine, and we wouldn't be spending our time here trying to help you if we didn't think it was worth it. Stopzilla doesn't have a customer support forum, as far as I can see.


                      I haven't seen a review where anyone mentions 'Win Defrag' as one of the false notifications that StopZilla throws up. If you run it though it'll probably find errors in non-existent registry keys ...

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                        Peter M

                        It's unfortunate that the ad for Stopzilla would appear on tha particular BleepingComputer page but I guess they have no control over that.

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                          Thanks Peter


                          Pc now fixed - the instructions you posted were easy to follow and have worked a dream (I'll have to remember not to click on the first thing I see on a page next time!).


                          thanks again

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