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    Unable to browse disk with EETech CD


      Thanks to Mr. Safeboot, I was able to create an EETech 6.0.2 recovery CD.

      McAfee support only told me: "create a WinPE CD and we do no have an instruction to do so".


      With Simon's script I managed to create the CD and all funtions work. However...


      There is one issue:


      If I boot from the EETech CD and choose 'authenticate from token', I'm authenticated. I also entered the authorization code (maybe it had something to do with that) and I am authorized.


      Now, when I start the A43 file management utility, the disk appears empty. I'm sure the drivers are on the CD and the disk is recognized if I choose 'Disk Information'.


      So I'm unable to browse the disk. In version 5, this worked fine. Our helpdesk uses this very often: when a system has crashed, they boot with the recovery CD, authenticate (either from disk of from token), start the A43 file management utility and copies files from the computer to a network share / USB disk.


      Is this by design in this version of EETech?