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    MVT error

      Hy there,


      I downloaded the MVT software and try to install it but i allways get the same message. "It is not possible to connect to the mcafee server. Check your internet connection".

      I've no problem with my internet connection.


      help please




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          Hi aiked,

          Could you please let us know some of the following information;\


          Do you use any other security software in the computer ?
          How is your computer connected to internet ?
          What is the default browser of the computer ? Internet explorer/Firefox ?



          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Hy Dinesh


            No other security software;

            Behind a firewall (lan connection);

            IE 8.




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              Could you please check the following and get back to me.


              1. Click Start, Run, type drivers and press ENTER.
              2. Look for a file that says etc
              3. Select the file hosts and choose notepad to openwith
              4. Make sure that the last line of the host file contains and any additonal entries below that could be modified and save the file accordingly.


              Also, ping mcafee's website and let me know if the computer is able to receive a proper erply from the site . Here;s the instructions for you;


              For XP;

              1. Click Start, Run, type cmd and press ENTER.
              2. Type ping download.mcafee.com and press ENTER. (an IP address should respond.)

              For Win Vista/7;

              1. Click Start, - Click Start search ,  type cmd
              2. Rigjt click on CMD and select Run as Adminstrator and press ENTER.
              3. Type ping download.mcafee.com and press ENTER. (an IP address should respond.)


              Run the preinstall tool from here : http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe

              Then try to run MVT from http://mvt.mcafee.com and let me know the status. If you still encounter any issues, please provide me with a screen shot of the error.






              Dinesh K

              McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                Hi Dinesh


                Last line of the host file is localhost;

                The ping comand did not respond "time limite execed" - sending to a2047.x.akami.net [];

                The preeinstall tool run's OK;

                The MVT start's and end with the same error.


                I attach the error but it is in portuguese (lol) and the translation is "It is not possible to access the Mcafee server. Check your internet connection"




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                  Hi Aiked,


                  The MVT language depends on your default browser language. Please change it to En-Us if you want the MVT UI to be in English.


                  Could you please attach the log file, McInstallation, from your %temp% folder.




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                    Hi Raghavendra;


                    Do you mean that i've to reinstall my IE to an engilsh version insted the portuguese one?

                    I've attached the file you ask for.




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                      Hi Aiked,


                      Thanks much.


                      No, nothing to do with IE. Since the message box language is Portuguese, I wanted to know what is your actual browser language and about your default browser.


                      It shouldn't show that you are Offline unless you are really. Did you tried installing MVT again? Is it the same?




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                        Hi Raghavendra


                        My default browser is IE 8.0.6001.18702 in portuguese. I've tried several times to install the MVT software and got the same message over and over. I just did it while writing this post...the same




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                          Hi Aiked,


                          Please, also let us know what is your OS and if it is 32/64 bit.


                          Are you able to ping mvt.mcafee.com now? Post the response here pl.




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