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    ePO 4.5 Patch 1 -> Patch 3 upgrade issues - assistance very welcome!




      We needed to patch our EPO 4.5 Patch 1 server to Patch 3 which I attempted last night, however, I encountered some issues during the upgrade process with the following error:


      1: FAILURE: In LaunchAppAndWait while trying to run the following program:
      Return code: 1
      Error Message: Incorrect function.
      InstallShield xx:xx:xx: Setup aborted



      I can see this is well documented here and attempted match up the cases with the issue I was seeing which unfortunately I couldn't do.  I've logged a call with McAfee to assist with this part of the issue I'm having.



      However, as a bi-product of the failed installation, I'm now experiencing an issue with our Agent Handlers as can be seen in the attached screenshots.



      All of them have become "inactive" and hovering the mouse over each states "The Agent Handler is incompatible with the EPO server".



      So I have a couple of questions:


      1) Is there any quick way to rectify this scenario from a failed upgrade?

      2) I never actually took the Agent Handerlers into consideration during the upgrade - does the patch need to be run on these boxes as well as the main ePO server?



      Many thanks in advance for any assistance!



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