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      I have a 3.6.3 Firefox browser, interferes with default Bookmarking, namely with the popup dialogue box where the selection can be made where to put a selected bookmark.

      When the Siteadvisor is disabled in the Add-ons the dialogue box pops up and is working as it should.

      The Siteadvisor version is 3.3.

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          Your Firefox version is not the latest - it's now up to 3.6.12


          Your SiteAdvisor version is also wrong, I think. In Firefox the latest version is


          Try updating both of these and see if the problem persists. In my Firefox there isn't a problem with saving a bookmark. Check also that your other Add-ons and Plug-ins are all up to date.  If you still have this problem after updating please report back to us.

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            Peter 3.3 site advisor is current it is at least if your are on the new beta TP version 5.0



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              Maybe this is a partial answer then. If bara has SA 3.3, then that seems to imply (s)he is running a beta version of TP and has a beta version of SA for Firefox.


              I tried updating my SA in FF and found nothing newer than for FF 3.6.12, which is the most recent FF version (no updates, anyway). But whether FF 3.6.3 is older or newer than 3.6.12 is not clear. I assumed it was an older FF version.


              If we're dealing with beta versions, I'm still on the old production versions. Do you want to take this over? The problem looks like a compatibility issue between beta SA and production FF.



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                Maybe bara is yours the beta version if so this is better in the beta group.. What popup is it you are talking about again all mine seem fine on 3.6.12 and SA 3.3

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                  Keep an eye on this thread, where SiteAdvisor and Firefox together have been giving false diagnoses of malware in downloads. It looks as if SA 3.3 is available as a standalone add-on for Firefox, but when I try to update my own FF Add-on it says I have the latest available version. It is possible that 3.3 is coming from one download source that I haven't seen before (see screenshots in the thread noted). We may need to get someone from McAfee to sort this out.

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                    Removed SA 3.3 and replaced it with 3.2.o.152, updated FF to 3.6.12 from 3.6.3, problem solved.

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                      You were right.

                      Removed SA 3.3 and replaced it with, updated FF to 3.6.12 from 3.6.3, problem solved.

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                        That's good. The 3.3 release would seem to be the one that's causing the problems, so I'll make sure that McAfee are made fully aware of this.

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                          If Bara would confirm that beta is being used here I will invite the member to join the beta group and then transfer the thread if I can.

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