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    EPO 4.5


      Is there a way to auto deploy AV 8.7 when a new device is added to the domain. What I am doing  is running a active directory sync and 1am then a task to deploy the agent at 130am. works great for my enviroment. would like to have av 8.7 install next with any intervention.


      Thank you

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          I would do it like this:



          1.) you have directory sorting enabled on every ASCI

          2.) You are sorting the system tree by IP address.



          1.) create a new subgroup within the system tree.  Create and assign a new ePO tag as sorting criteria (Make sure that the new group's sorting priority is higher than other system tree locations).

          2.) create a client task in this new subgroup to run a wakeup call every ten minutes.

          3.) create a client task in this new subgroup to deploy VSE and set it to Run Immediately.  (If there are a bunch of machines, you may want to add some randomization to throttle the network utilization).

          4.) reconfigure the server task that you use to deploy the agent and add a subtask apply the tag created in step 1 to the machines.  Add another subtask to re-sort systems.

          The result of this server task should be to move the new systems that just had an agent installed to the new subgroup.

          5.) create a new server task that uses the "system search" action and target the new subgroup.  Set the sub-action to perform a wakeup call.

          This will wakeup the machines in the new sub-group.  This will have them start checking-in to ePO every 10 minutes and immediately execute the deploy VSE task. 

          6.) Set up a new server task that runs the VSE compliance query.  As a sub-action of this task, have it remove the tag from step 1.

          7.) Wait up to 10 minutes.   As soon as the client-nodes in the new sub-group wake-up/ASCI and now without the tag, they will be sorted into the correct system tree location by IP.

          8.) Your machines should have an agent, VSE, and be sorted into the correct system tree location at this point.

          9.) Have a beer and pay homage to the automation gods.  Add a sub-task to this step to print out a new sudoku puzzle with randomized difficulty and enjoy your new-found extra time. ;-)



          Hope this helps.






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            Thank you that will work.......I have it configured alittle different but with your info I can auto the whole thing.....thanks