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    SG310 - Packet loss and slowness

      I have a SG310 that I have been having quite a bit of problems with recently.


      Randomly (sometimes after a few days, other times after less than 1 hour) the device will basically lock up.  It starts dropping about 90% of packets. Rebooting the unit will bring it back to normal performance for some period of time then the problem returns.


      I know it is not a hardware problem because I replaced the unit with a brand new SG310 and the problem quickly returned.


      Firmare 4.0.8

      PPTP Enabled

      IPSec enabled (3 tunnels)

      Remote HTTPS management enabled

      SNMP NOT enabled

      DHCP Server NOT enabled

      DNS NOT enabled


      Any idea what the problem is?

      Support report attached.

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