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    Threat service.exe (mirc.exe melt.bat) not detected by VSE8.7??


      Hi all


      I think we have got a trojan on some user profiles which have not been detected by VSE8.7


      Basically some user have a service.exe hidden file on their Apllication Data folder under their profiles. The original properties of the file show mirc.exe. It also place a batch file Melt.bat on the same location


      The service.exe loads everytime user logs in (it is in the HKLM\Softwaer\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run key) and hammers the CPU.


      I am still trying to find more info on the net, but still no success.


      As a test for a user, I deleted her profile and re-image her machine. It seems to be going well so far.


      Does anyone know anything about this threat? Any comments are appreciated.