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    Deploying McAfee Agent 4.5 to Neoware 256Mb XPE

      Hi everyone.


      My first time posting. Hopefully I've got the right place for this.


      I am attempting to install the framepkg.exe file to a Neoware 256Mb XPE. Initially, I had trouble with the disk space, either pushing the agent from the server or running it locally. Now I am using a base build of XPE supplied by the former Neoware (now HP) which gives me about 80Mb space, and I have managed a couple of times to get it "supposedly" installed according to the local log files on the Neoware. The problem is, although the framepkg.exe installer reports the installation was succcessful, when we fire up the agent monitor on the Neoware, it reports every ten mins of so the following error message:


      Agent Subsystem 24/11/2010 16:22:22 Error CPackage::addUserInformation(): GetUserPolicyInformation() unsuccessful - 0xfffff9be


      The ePO server shows also in it's basic log that the agent was installed successfully, but never shows it not being a "rogue" sensor. Also, we notice on the ePO server itself, that if you ping the Neoware from the command line, then you get a response, but ping it within the ePO software on the same server and it doesn't work. Any reason why this might be?


      Any help gratefully received.