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    Latest update crashing win 7x64

      I'm getting blue screen errors (not 100% sure the exact text on this 1st one) mem_manage and ntfs.sys.


      I unistalled and reinstalled Mcafee and could not enable real time scanning or the firewall (like so many others that have posted, I turn it on, it it turns off in a few seconds). So, I uninstalled it again and put in the stock Microsoft stuff for now.


      I know how you guys love the tech stuff so I'm adding System info, then a DX Diag after.


      See files attached, text removed for brevity and ease of navigation - Moderator




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          oh, PS.  Everything worked fine until yesterday morning. I have automatic updating turned off. I check manually every morning when I wake the PC from Hybrid Sleep mode.

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            Hey sqrly,
            Could you please let me know how old the computer is ?
            Also , it it completely uptodate with windows ? Pleas check for windows updates and install if you find any (Open Internet explorer - Click tools _ click windows update)
            Do you receive any  any virus alert in the computer  ?

            Dinesh K
            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              Motherboard and CPU about a year old. I've been running win7 64 bit less then that on it. Clean install on a new blank HD. Windows, as well as every single driver is current, even the firmware on my router. I keep everything updated manually.


              OK, now I reinstalled ONLY McAfee firewall and it's fooking blocking everything. It's not giving me any pop ups asking if I want to allow a program.  World of warcraft continues to be blocked even though I've manually added it. I want to at least use the firewall because the built in one doesn't ask permission for every little thing.


              ok, another restart seems to have cleared the issue with firewall. Microsoft Security Essentials is looking pretty slick at the moment. Does McAfee use any cloud computing in it's virus scan application?

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                I'm having the same problem described above.  Attempts to run a scan, whether it be a quick scan or complete, Total Protection shows 0 files scanned and will eventually show an error message advising that some unknown difficulty has arisen.  Attempts to intervene in this situation prior to the error message (when it's obvious that no files are being scanned) results in a locked computer. The only resolution is to manually shut down via the power switch and restart.


                As with other users I have completely removed TP, done a clean install without improvement.  This is not helpful.  I wonder, is my computer protected while this situation is persists?


                Several years ago, I abandoned Norton AV when it became so heavily problematic.  I truly hope that I'm not encountering the same problem here.



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                  I removed that lengthy text and attached the reports as .zip files - makes things easier to read and navigate.




                  I suggest you contact Technical Support Chat via Useful Links at the top of this page.  It's a free service.


                  To both of you...are either of you using registry cleaners?  If so, don't as they are pretty well guaranteed to lead to disaster eventually.


                  You might want to try System Restore to a time before this started happening but ensure you update McAfee immediately afterwards or it will malfunction.





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                    Thank you for taking the time to respond - and to moderate these message boards on a volunteer basis.  I do appreciate your time and effort.


                    I guess I was a bit unclear in my post; my difficulty is not with a registry cleaner and I have been using the same one, for years along with McAfee.  My difficulty is with a sudden change in McAfee Total Protection performance.  Put simply, McAfee Total Protection has ceased working.   Frankly, at this point I am using Windows Defender and Windows Firewall for the first time in my computing experience. Not a reassuring situation. McAfee's reputation is suffering.  As far as technical support is concerned; alas, I end up providing more "technical support" in the area of speaking English than the technician provides me in addressing my computer issues.





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                      Registry cleaners will eventually remove vital keys, pretty-well guaranteed.  It may take a while but it will happen.


                      I'm using Total Protection in both Vista x64 and Win 7 x64 with no problems at all.


                      I've also just installed the 2011 beta version in my spare Win 7 x64 partition to test it.


                      It shouldn't be happening so that's why I suggested Technical Support Chat as they can troubleshoot.


                      To use Chat you have to run the McAfee Virtual Technican first and that may, just may I can't guarantee anything, repair it without the need to continue on to Chat.