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    SG565 4.0.8 100% CPU

      Ltely ive had severe wifi drop out isses or cant even connect.  I've noticed each time the thing is running 100% CPU.  Kernel usage is low bt user usgae is consuming everything else.  It also seem sot happen on or around when I do large downloads of any kind but even after the downloads complete e cpu stya at 100%.  I've tried up and down grading the firmware, one time it got toally corrupted so I had to do a BOOTP recoery. Right now I ut 4.0.8 on it everything is factory default exepct for the essential intems to browse the ineternrt like wifi, adsl config, dhcp and thats about it.


      Also when its pegged I have no chnace of connecting via wifi and the internet is a dialup modme speed on the one machine that is wired


      Do i have hardware issues or is there something elsel going on. Please help before I take a hammer to it I soent good money on this and im not happy.




      Ijsut rebooted it, doin gnothing other than typin ginto this post and its pegged at 100%, WTF?



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