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    McAfee Security Center Wont Start

      Security Center refuses to load. It always crashes, with McAfee Security Center has encountered a problem and needs to close. Although, the Security Center will start fine in Safe Mode. Virtual Technician is worthless, just says that the DAT files are out of date... Any ideas?



      OS: Microsoft Windows XP Media SP3

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          Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the software? If not please try and remember to reboot after the uninstall. Run the MCPR removal tool and reboot again and then login and download and install the software and let us know if the issue has been resolved.

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            Did that a couple times.  However I did figure out why it only worked safe mode.  While in safe mode, I would always login as Administrator, instead of the normal login.  So, on that thought, I created a new Administrator account on the pc, started normally, and now McAfee Security Center boots in the New account, but still fails in the old account.  My first thought on this was to check to see the differences in startup programs using Autoruns from Microsoft Technet.  Disabled the differences between the two accounts, and restarted.  No luck, McAfee Security Center crashes still on the old account, but continues to run on the new account.  Both accounts are administrator accounts as well.  So, my question now becomes what other differences between the two accounts could be causing this problem?



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              Couldn't find any major differences, made life easy, and just copied over the files to the new profile.  Everything works, so its good for now.  Although, this really isnt the proper solution or fix, i'm marking this question as answered.