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    Cant turn on Firewall and real time scanning.


      I noticed this problem yesterday when I opened the security center.  I tried turning on my firewall, but it turns off automatically.  I have the same problem with real time scanning.  What is going on?  Does this have to do with my Diagnostic Policy Service not running on my Sony Vaio with Windows 7?

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            I would like to know some information before we proceed further.


          ü  Want is Name of the package (EX : Total Protection,virus scan ....etc).


          ü  Have you done any haradware changes most recently (EX :System restore ,Reformate,.....etc).


          ü  Are you getting any Malware or trojan alert. 



          Prakash A.

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            Its Total Protection.  Before all this happened, I left my laptop on for a few days.  When I got back to the house, I noticed a McAfee window what computers were connected to our router.  I closed it thinking nothing and restarted my laptop.  When it came back up, I noticed that I couldn't connect to the Internet and that my firewall and real time scanning was turned off.  I tried many times to turn it back on, but seconds later it would turn off again.  I did a scan and nothing was detected.

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                     Try this step,


              Step 1 :


                       >> Restart the services of McAfee Program in local service windows to do that


              Press (Windows + R) Button on your keyboard (or) Click on Start button and search windows type Run


              And in run windows type services.msc and click on ok button.

              Service windows.bmp


                             In Services Windows check for McAfee Programs 


                              Double left Click on McAfee program


                         Check for Start up type it should be = Automatic


                         Check for Service status it should be = start


                          Click on Recovery tab and you will have three drop down Program


                          Check the value it should be retart the services.


                                           - First failure: Restart the service


                                           - Second failure: Restart the service


                                           - Subsequent failures: Restart the service


                  All three of them should be restart the service and click apply and ok


                           Restart the computer and update the McAfee


              Step 2:


                  Run McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)




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