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    Token recovery key incorrect


      We have this problem pop up where a person for no apparent reason cannot login to a machine.  The system will not accept the password.  When going to the console to reset the token an error message "Token recovery key incorrect" will be displayed.  The laptop having the issue has been decrypted and reencrypted and the user ID has been recreated at least 2 times.  Yet this will still show up after a few weeks.  Anyone experience anything similar?  I should mention the version we are using is 523



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          Does SbClientLog.txt reveal anything interesting?

          Is your database healthy?

          Did you try alternative recoveries (machine)?

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            no, the clientfile doesnt really show anything except that Updating database token data with local changes for user (ID=00000711) for the user.  No password change though was made by the user.  The error they received was token authentication paramaters are incorrect or something close to that.


            Im note sure what you mean by make sure the database is healthy?  What would you do to check something like that?


            when you refer to recovery are you meaning going through the codes to boot the system.  It really want needed since another user signed in to get the computer to boot up and then we were troublshooting the ID having the problem.


            I should mention that this problem seems to pop up only on Windows 7 systems.



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              if you got that entry in the log, then the user did something to update their token, either incorrect attempts (check the audit), they changed it, SSO changed it, or the API changed it.

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                I still have this happen so often.  The token is correct, its password only and is the only token installed.  The error message actually comes from the console when trying to reset the users password.  The computer gets inherited rights from the container it in, and I have also selected reset item to group inheritence just in case.  Still the user object gets this error in the console for no reason we can find.