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    SaaS 5.2 intermittent problems UpdDlg.exe failures etc etc

      After Nov 17th we experienced a number of connectivity issues which proved very difficult to resolve.


      SBS 2003 SP2 32bit single CPU. TPS and now SaaS automatically installed.


      The first indication of problems where similar to tjos expressed in a related post. Occasional connectivity loss. Shares that where disconnected and/or netweork connectivty problems. Later we started to experience (previously working) VPN connectivity issues.


      After a week of searching and trying a host of different potential resolutions I found that SaaS as installed on our XP clients prevented VPN response/authorization validation requests to connect, hence error 721's. Disabeling the firewall and later setting the administrator establishes firewall setup"in McAfee security Center resolved the VPN connectivity issue.


      However I still found the SaaS firewall component on the SBS2003 server failing and decided NOT to install this component, instead we rely on the standard Windows firewall. After having made these decisions we elected to reinstall only security centre communication, virus and spyware protection and browser protection on the SBS2003 server, expecting all problems would go away. Unfortunately this is not the case.


      We continue to experience UpdDLG.exe failures and stopped services including McAfee secrurity centre.


      We are a small business where I own the role of parttime systems administrator. Mostly becasue of the latter did we decide to go for McAfee virus protection solutions on all our servers/clients expecting very little admin attention was needed. It seems this is not the case and I am wondering whether we made the richt choice to go with McAfee.


      I woul appreciate feedback from McAfee personell as to when they expect these annoying problems to be resolved.