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    Update and Real Scanning Problem

           The real time scanning tool status is off.A few seconds after I switched it on,it automatic switched back to off.What had happen?Anyone can help me?

           Beside,there are also difficulties to update.After check fo update,the percentage of update is always below 3 percent.If reached 3 percent,then it back to the beginning and start from 0 percent.

            Help me!!!

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            I would like to know some information before we proceed further.


          ü  Type of your Operating system with service pack details (Ex :windows Xp,Windows Vista ,Windows 7).


          ü  Want is Name of the package (EX : Total Protection,virus scan ....etc).


          ü  Have you done any haradware changes most recently (EX :System restore ,Reformate,.....etc).


          ü  Are you getting any Malware or trojan alert. 



          Prakash A.

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            I am having the same problem.



            - OS Vista SP1

            - Package: Total Protection

            - Laptop: Just reinstalled Vista and Service pack

            - Desktop: Nothing Changed

            - No warnings or alerts




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                     Microsoft stop sending update for  Windows XP service pack 2 & Windows vista SP1 most recently.



                      Please upgrade your  service pack from 1 to 2 and try to update McAfee.




              Prakash A

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                I have SP2 on my Desktop. Still no joy!




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                  Re: Internet security: real-time scan not stay on / quick scan errors



                        Try this following trouble shooting steps .


                  Step 1 :


                  Check the proxy setting:


                  1. Open Internet explore and click on Tools menu, select Internet Options.
                  2. Click the Connections tab.
                  3. Press the LAN Settings button.
                  4. .To clear your proxy settings, uncheck the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.
                  5. 5.Click OK twice to exit the Internet Options menu item.


                  Check the TCP/IP Setting :


                  1.Click Start -> Control panel ->Network and Sharing Center.


                  2.Right click on LAN connection and select Properties.


                  3.Double-click on Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IP IPv4).


                  4.The correct settings are "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically". After making changes you may be required to restart your computer.


                  Step 2 :



                  1.Rename the DAT file.


                  2.Turn of your computer and restart it in safe mode by clicking F8 key.


                  3.Go to the following location C:\Program files\McAfee\VirusScan\DAT.


                  4.Rightclick on the Dat folder and click rename (Rename the folder  as Dat_old).


                  5.Reboot the computer in normal mode and try to update and check the status.


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                    operating system : Window Vista Basic

                    package : Antivirus Plus

                    hardware changes : No

                    Trojan or Malware alert : Yes,got 1 trojan and 187 tracing cookies from full scan on 25 November

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                             Try this step,


                      Step 1 :


                      ü  Check for non-McAfee security software


                                   Other security software may cause a conflict with your McAfee products. For instructions on how to remove incompatible third-party    applications and a list of many incompatible products, see TS100914.

                      Step 2:


                      ü  Run McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)



                      Step 3:


                      ü  Download and save the utility from the link below to your desktop:

                      http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/oas-disabled-f ix.cmd


                      ü  Double-click the oas-disabled-fix.cmd tool.

                      NOTE: Windows Vista and 7 users should right-click oas-disabled-fix.cmd and select Run as Administrator.

                      If you receive the error StopService: Unable to open service McShield via SCM (5), press CTRL+C to terminate the process.  You will be prompted to terminate the batch job. Type Y and press ENTER. Run the oas-disabled-fix utility again.


                      ü  Restart your computer and ensure that McAfee Security Center shows that Real-Time Scanning is enabled.



                      Step 4 -


                      ü  Remove and reinstall your McAfee software


                      ü  For details on removing and reinstalling your McAfee software, follow the instructions in FAQ article TS100507.


                      ü  If Real-Time Scanning is still disabled, contact McAfee Technical Support. Go to https://service.mcafee.com and select Technical Support.



                      Prakash A