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    Cloning ePO Agent on UNIX

      Hi All, need some advise on whether I can clone a unix server with ePO Agent 4.5 installed to other servers? I can do that on Windows and will just have to remove the Agent GUID before cloning to other servers.


      If it is possible to clone ePO Agent 4.5 on a UNIX Server to another, how do i go about removing the GUID?



      Thanks in advance!


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          I had the same question and could not find an answer anywhere.  McAfee Support gave me the answer today:


          Remove the unique GUID from the image prior to being rolled out or remove it from the client before connecting to the network and ePO server:


          1.Log on to the Linux server using the root account.

          2. From the command prompt, change directory to:




          3.Edit registry.ini with a plain text editor.

          4.Locate and delete the following line:


          AgentGUID=sz{XXXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXX} (where XXXXX is the unique GUID for that computer).


          5. Save the file.



          Someone had just made a clone today that replaced another a VM that had gone bad (so both VMs already had an entries in ePO).  I made the change on the clone, restarted cma, and ePO was happy not too long after.