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    AV2011 - 3 unaceptable issues - fix availible or uninstall?

      I have AntiVirus plus 2011 on 4 computers and 3 major problems.  3 of the 4 run XP pro, the 4th runs win7.  I'm pretty frustrated and just want to know if there are reasonable answers or should I just uninstall AV2011.


      1) Following bootup windows plays a little toon and normally you can start using your computer after that.  Now with AV2011 I have to wait minutes (plural) for itunes or web browsers or whatever to load.  This happens with all 4 computers, no real difference if it's a fast or slow box.  Is there a fix for this?  Do you know you have a problem here?


      2) When I browse to google and start entering my search cryteria the google web page starts suggesting results... Now with AV2011 it misses many of the key strokes and starts suggesting bad results because of the missing characters in the search box... This is very frustrating to anybody who can actually type.  This happens on all 4 computers, it's more obvious on the slow computers.  Is there a fix for this?


      3) My laptop is used in various places in the house or patio, so it's typically used on my wireless network.  When my laptop is on the wireless the AV2011 says the computer is at risk and updates are availible.  I manually force it to check for AV2011 updates and it then says no updates availible and your computer is at risk.  If I then take this same laptop and plug in the cat5 network cable (and disable the wireless) it then starts behaving... except for above items.  This is your basic Dell latitude running xpp, nothing fancy here guys.  Is there a fix for this?


      Thanks in advance if you have known work arounds, or if you know when these show stoppers will be resolved.



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          It seems 119 people read my post and none of them had any sort of a reply.  Nice that there is absolutly no product support for a product that obviously has design deficants.  Not even a "we're working on that" or a "did you try this"... I hope you realise that these problems are completely unacceptable.  I'd rather not have this product than have the problems it intoduces.

          I'll be uninstalling and approaching the company for my mony back.  The thinking is that if this product is so broken that very basic things as I identified remain unaceptable and there seems to be no real product support, then I seriously question if the designers of this product even know how to protect a computer from a virus.  What a POS.



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            Hey Brad,

            Sorry for your frustration, but infections can sometimes occur silently, by visiting a website containing malicious code.  Other times,it happens that a user can allow an infection by installing a program or plug-in, hiding malware within its code.

            From your approach I can understand that you are one among those safe & secure internet surfer who would be careful while being online , Even so, the constantly-changing nature of viruses and their different variants makes 100% security impossibility, with any anti-virus software.



            But, I recommend that you try running our advanced stinger tool that has major infections & detection added to it, please try it from Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting




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              Sorry, but I find there is absolutly no justification that makes these fatal design flaws acceptable.  Your are welcome to your own dim opinion, but I am not close to being sold.


              I have uninstalled and gone to a competative product that does not through out my typing, does not lock me out of my own system for minutes (plural) after boot, seems to work with wireless systems, and doesn't nag me to renew a license that is brand new.