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    Anti Virus Plus 2011 -when will update?

      My PC is connected to the internet more than three hours.
      On site McAfee is present DAT file nr. 6179, but my antivirus don't uploaded yet. Still uses 6178 DAT file. When will update?

      Thanks for explanation.

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          They usually update once or maybe twice a day, but the updates could come at any time or not for several more hours.

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            Also What version have you 10.0 or 10.5?


            Asking as a new feature called smart timer stops updates and scheduled scanning if any PC activity seen . In 10.5 this effect reduced but you should not touch the PC for 15Minutes and you will get an update at teh 4 hr mark. (It checks every 4 hrs) The time of next upadte shown om main page of the security centre. Click on update and the lkast update time and next time shown there. So go easy on activity at that time.


            Of course you can force an update manually and the dat shown on the site can be as Tom says delayed a tad.

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              Thanks for replay, but I don't understand the upgrade policy.

              AV is  ver. 10.5.

              Antivirus has been updated last time on 26/11 at 7.28 (Dat 6178). I turned the PC on 27/11 for a short time, anti-virus has not been updated, although there was a new version of DAT (6179). I turned on the pc today 28/11 and I worked for two hours. Antivirus is not updated. I made a break of 15 min and finally antivirus has been updated (DAT 6180). But if I do not make the break, when he would update? If I turn on PC and work without breaks, antivirus updates? When?

              Sorry for my english!



              on 28/11/10 18.42.29 CET
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                That is our (mods) complaint if you work for 2 hrs straight then turn off the dat does not come. This is the smart timer feature added in version 10. In version 10.5 this was changed to force an update of the dat even if working if the update did not occur in a specific time.


                Actual fix was


                If the machine has not  been idle an update is force launched by the scheduler after 2  hours.

                2)       Once update has been  launched we monitor the machine to be idle in between downloading of files. If  the machine is not idle we will pause the update and poll at intervals of 10  minutes. If the machine is detected to be idle for the past 10 minutes, updates  will resume.

                3)       The pause feature of  UpdateMgr is switched off if no successful update has occurred in the past 72  hours


                We mods have requested a disable option for smart timer in the new 2011 version soon to start beta testing