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    Bad alert when Virus Scan is loading updates

      McAfee does not notify you when automatic updating of Virus Scan is in progress. McAfee seems to turn off Real-Time Virus Scan when updating Virus Scan. McAfee icon in Tool Tray identifies that the computer is not protected. The application home page identifies that Real-Time Virus Scan is not running. When I try to turn it on, it reports that it is on for a moment then reports that it is not running again. I struggle with this for a while because I have no idea that Virus Scan updating is in progress. : (    Eventually the update is completed and McAfee returns to normal, but not before I stress out for a while.  It is good the McAfee tells you when it is not providing protection, but they should also tell you that there is an update in progress!!!

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          Peter M

          You have a good point and I agree it can be disconcerting, but you could, if you prefer, have McAfee notify you first before updating, or even leave it entirely up to you to update.   You would have to check daily in that case.


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click Home at top right

          Click dismiss to any reminders that may be showing

          Click Updates at upper left

          Click Settings

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            Thank you. I will select the option to automatically down load updates, but then notify my so that I can select when to apply to update. I will know that the update is in progress when Virus Scan goes off-line.


            Still, my intent was to present the comment that it would make sence for McAfee to identify that it took virus Scan off-line when automatic update is being applied. This could be in the Tool Tray alert, or at least on the home page when you go there to check for more information on status.

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              Peter M

              In your case whether it might be a good idea to open a case with Technical Support Chat regarding this as mine doesn't turn off like that when updating.