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    MWG Known Bugs


      I've been quite disappointed of the many problems with MWG 7.  We had tons of problems with the product since we have gone live.  Just curious if anyone is aware of the following problems or if you have others that I am unfamilar with at the moment.


      1. proxy HA -
        1. problem with NTP causes all the appliances on HA cluster to lose connections or drop appliances completely
      2. HOST entry files -
        1. problems adding host entry files via GUI or console
      3. FTP -
        1. FTP corrupts the downloads or times outs entirely
      4. URL's with port redirects-
        1. web sites which redirect on a different port causes time outs or displays "cannnot resolve " error
      5. Time Changes-
        1. When you change the time it doesnt take into effect unless you reboot the appliance
      6. Java Error Msg's
        1. Tons of errors and probelms with Java
      7. Session Login Problems:
        1. probelms with the ability to logon GUI as sesison is in use ( 99.9% of time it  hangs)
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          I feel sorry to read that you had this amount of unwanted situations in your environemt. Have you opened tickets with support on these? They should be able to tell you what is not working and why.




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            I haven't heard back from you on this issue, but have followed up internally. Apparently there are some challanges in getting the boxes configured to meet your network's requirements and uniqueness. I also have been confirmed that we had and have consultants comming into your org, to help you to successfully setup the environment and to provide best practice configurations. If you want to chat separately, please feel free to send me a private message containing your details, so we can help you from the product team's side as well.






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              We've had some problems here at my location with MWG 7.  We just went live with it this week and began adding users.  Over the course of the past 24 hours we've run into problems where users that had migrated to the device have been unable to access the web.  In attempting to troubleshoot the first time it happened, after waiting 5 minutes for the UI to process the login, we were successful in getting it to restart which resolved the issue.  The second time it happened, which around lunch, nobody could successfully authenticate via the UI with local or AD accounts.  In the end, we had to ssh into the appliance and issue the /etc/rc.d/init.d/mwg restart command in order to get the services restarted and the UI functioning again.  Fortunately for the users, we were able to re-route them back to our old gateway.


              In checking out the logs, nothing indicates as to why things stopped working.  The only thing out of the ordinary that it's shown over the past 24 hours has been an update and the service restarts.


              Has anyone else run into this issue?



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                We are planning to go live after xmas, but after reading your comments I am now having some hesitations. How many users are you currently ( and planning ) to accommodate on the new system.


                We are experiencing similar problems as described above in the post passage, but I must admit I have found the support guys really good.


                We experienced a problem where for no apparent reason whilst creating new Authentication Server Groups in the Accounts Tab => Roles would be deleted (at random) together with all the associated permissions for that Role - thankfully the Backup/Restore option works. I must admit after convincing McAfee that there was a (serious) problem they fixed it and a hotfix was made available.


                There are a number if issues we were experincing that have been addressed with the upgrade to 7.02 ( which was quite easy to produce ) - if you have not done the upgrade - do it!


                However we are still experiencing heaps of problems with the system including delegated adminstration, snmp, hosts, manuals, roles, permission management etc. I will document these problems in a while.

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                  just to state - we have done several successful go-lives with MWG 7 already.


                  To your point about the random deletion of roles, this is a indeed a know issue and has been fixed just last week. And shall be released to the public soon. Unfortunately there is no workaround.

                  The suggestion to update to 7.0.2 is right, we have enhanced and fixed multiple items as part of this release.


                  It is very important to contact support for issues where you are running into some kind of unrepsonsibility of the product. If you decided to restart the process(es) to ensure business, please make sure to generate a feedback prior to the restart. This will capture the information required by support to start troubleshooting! They will ask you for that and won't be able to do much without that file.


                  /opt/mwg/bin/feedback.sh -l 2 This will generate the required output.


                  It will clooect the following data:
                  [root@17mwgappl ~]# /opt/mwg/bin/feedback.sh -l 2
                  Collecting information about Web Gateway applications:
                  1.1. information from running Konfigurator:
                     1. memory usage
                  1.2. information from running mwg-core:
                     1. thread information
                     2. stack trace
                     3. memory usage
                     4. file descriptors in use
                     5. McAfee Web Gateway thread statistics
                  1.3. information from running mwg-coordinator:
                     1. thread information
                     2. stack trace
                     3. memory usage
                     4. file descriptors in use
                     5. McAfee Web Gateway thread statistics
                  1.4. information from running mwg-antimalware:
                     1. thread information
                     2. stack trace
                     3. memory usage
                     4. file descriptors in use
                     5. McAfee Web Gateway thread statistics
                  2. basic information (version etc.)
                  3. collecting configuration- and log-files
                     1. Removing private configuration data
                  Collecting system values:
                  1. system information
                  2. system load
                  3. state of all sockets
                  4. information about all interfaces
                  5. virtual memory statistics
                  Post-mortem analysis:
                  1. Calculating checksums of core files
                  2. Analysing core-files:
                     processing core file
                     processing core file
                     processing core file
                     processing core file
                     processing core file
                  Cannot get driver information: Operation not supported
                  Packing collected information into one file, please wait...
                  Feedback file /opt/mwg/log/debug/feedbacks/feedback_17mwgappl_13.12.2010-08_50_31.zip created.
                  Please send the output file
                  together with a problem description to McAfee Web Gateway support.
                  Thank you for your help!


                  You can download the file from the UI later then.




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                    Hey all,


                    To answer the question pertaining to version number we are currently running (8505).  Thanks for pointing out the feedback script!  I wish I had known about that prior to restarting the services, but with hundreds of users down, it was the only option I had available at the time.   From the sounds of things an upgrade to 7.0.2 is in order.  Hopefully this is something we can get completed prior to the holidays.  When we do make the upgrade and do further testing, I'll post our findings back to this thread.  Thanks for the feedback!

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                      I don't know about release 7 but with release 6, Feedback take forever sometime.  Since we have 2 appliances, before starting the feedback I now modify the DNS entry (allready short leave) for the primary appliance so it point to the secondary. Everybody move to the backup one and allow the time to capture the feedback instead of having to do an immediate reboot.

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                        Hi DBO,


                        they can take forever, depending on the state of the process. As part of the feedback script, a debugger will attach to the process and collect state information of the process. In case the process 'hangs' or is quite larger (6GB or so) then parsing it will either stop or take long.


                        In case you are afraid of this situation, you can start the feedback with the option -nc which will not attach the debugger. However this is not suggested as it might render the feedback not helpful. There are also option in the UIs of either product to avoid the debugger to attach to the product.




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                          Good to know but moving the user to the other boxe allow me to wait for the feedback to complete.  It's just something other users can use.


                          Thinking about it, normally, if the first boxe is not available, all users goes to the failover. The problem with a partially hang boxe is that users still point to it.  Before running the feedback, there should be a way to stop accepting trafic (a trafic shutdown) so the users will automatically switch to the backup.  That would be something to add to the product.

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