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    McAfee Total Protection 2011 keeps asking me to update/restart my computer several times a day.

      I recently purchased McAfee Total Protection 2011 for 3 computers (one disk is used to install the same stuff on three different computers) at Walmart and installed it on two computers.


      One one of my computers, every single day, McAfee says that it's downloaded the latest updates, and that I have to restart to complete the installation or update process.


      I do that, and everything seems fine. Then, later on during the day, it asks me to do the same thing. And again. And again. Each and every day, several times. It's very annoying, and I'm sure that it isn't supposed to do that.


      I had the SAME problem on another computer that I newly installed Total Protection 2011 on. What I did on that computer was uninstall and reinstall the software, and that took care of the problem. I haven't had to 'restart to finish updating' on this computer since then.


      So it stood to reason that, if I did the same thing on the OTHER computer, that would've fixed the problem, right?




      I've uninstalled and reinstalled TP2011 twice now on this other computer, and it STILL asks me to update/restart my computer over and over and over again.


      I don't know what to do, short of uninstalling and reinstalling yet again.


      Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know a solution to it?


      Both of my computers were running on Windows Vista, if that's any help.

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