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    ePO Agent behaviour on Windows 7 XP Mode



      We have some browser applications which do not run on IE8 and we are investigating the possibility to provide our Windows 7 users Windows XP Mode, with IE6.

      I know I need to install an ePO agent and VirusScan Enterprise on this XP OS, but since this is a virtual OS, my fear is that this will be causing a lot of issues when users start to copy these "virtual PC's", generating duplcate GUID's.


      I also know that it is possible to delete the GUID from the registry and restart the frameworkserviceto solve this, but nothing assures me that the users will not start copying their images without doing this.


      I checked the Knowledge base on XP Mode, but I find very little information on this topic


      My question is now: does anyone have experience wit the XP Mode and ePO-agent issues? Is there anything that can be done to avoid such issues?


      I myself am against this solution, but nevertheless I have been asked to test this, so I will do it and try to find as many arguments against it as possible.


      Thansk in advance for any information