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    Agent icon reverts to old and system sometimes doesn't update


      I'm seeing a problem with a significant number of machines where the agent icon reverts to the old VShield icon after install and then the system does not automatically update.  Running mcupdate fixes the updating problem, but the icon continues to revert to the old one.  I've attached four screenshots: old_icon, which shows the problem, About, which shows that this particular host is up to date, status_monitor which shows that I started up the status monitor manually, and new icon, which shows up as soon as I started status monitor.  The next time I login to this host, the icon will have reverted to the old one again.


      On many machines (hundreds), updating is not taking place until I've run mcupdate manually one time, and the icons are constantly reverting to the old style.  On the rest of my machines (thousands) the icon is always the new one and the systems are updating normally.