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    Hips Traffic Logging

      First, hopefully this is the right section, if not please feel free to move it to the correct section.


      I searched for a thread already addressing this issue but couldnt find one.  If the question below has already been answered a link would be greatly appreciated.


      So we are trying to track a problem with a program, and cant install any additional software so we are attempting to use the activity log traffic logging feature built into hips.  Thumbs up by the way for including this feature.  My problem is that the buffer appears to small, the event is happening around 5 minute increments, but the buffer seems to small to capture more than one or two events.  I found the event.log which appears to have some of the information, but unforantely doesnt appear to have a time stamp, which is a little baffling.


      So my questions(s)

      1.  Is there a way to increase the buffer size of the traffic logging section?

      if not.

      2.  Is there a way to turn on logging, for just log all allowed, traffic?

      if not.

      3.  Is there a way to read or add additional information to the event.log file?


      Thanks in advance,