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    Delete Trace Logs



      is there no way to delete logs like rule tracing logs, paket traces etc through the GUI? Do we have to go to the shell to do it? Especially the numer of rule tracing log grows very quickly and normally you would want to delete the traces after troubleshooting.




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          thanks for bringing up this request. This is one of the items we are targeting with a version of the product in the 1st half of next year.




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            Is there a release date available for this feature??


            Because, some customers should NOT connect to SSH Console. They dont know what they are doing.

            Also, within testing period customers are testing different LOG Files or want to rename the Access Log according to theire naming convention.



            I´m also missing the "rotate now" functionality.



            Cheers, Thorsten

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              we don't have a date, but more a timeframe, which I can't post here publically. In the same timeframe, we will have the rotate now buton.




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                Concerning "Rotate Now" button - I have place a feature request for this option. I noticed that (unlike WW6) if the log format is changed that an automatice log rotate does not occur - only way to force a rotae is via console and mv the log file.

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                  Hm, this could be a big problem when uploading the LOG Files to McAfee Webreporter. :-|


                  Today i´m also figuring out whats the difference, the dependencies between the Access LOG Settings and the LogLine Property.

                  Or what is happening when changing the "Secure Webreporter Block Reason ID" at the block Actions. Is there any list available with all useable IDs?

                  How i can troubleshot when a customer changes the settings and is wondering when something is not working fine any more.


                  Has anyone tried this?


                  cheers, Thorsten