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    Help... just... help

      I paid for this, the store is now closed and it refuses to work.

      McAfee Internet Security 2011. I read a similar problem but when I went to check the link. Low and behold it is gone.

      Did I just waste 45 dollars that I couldn't aford for a peice of trash?


      My windows 7 refuses to let me uninstall windows Defender. I disabled it. I had mcAfee on here  2010 when I got it and it worked. NOW WHAT?
      Why does it refuse to install? I uninstalled it. Regerstered it! I want to toss it out the window. Please HELP.


      a 1800 numbe for customer service would be seriouly nice.


      I need  a walk through and there is nothing on this site. Yes. my username is my current mood.