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    Word crashs when printing

      I need some help.

      My whole office is having this problem and we have yet to solve it.

      We use windows XP and we also use windows 2003

      Every time we try to print word crashs and then the desktop crashes and and then we cant even shut down the computer. The only remedy we have is to hard crash our computer and then turning it back on.


      We believe we caught some kind of virus.


      Any ideas?

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          XP Service Pack.#.., also 32 or 64-bit?   Also Windows 2003 isn't compatible with the home products.  What version of McAfee is installed?


          Have you any reason to assume it's McAfee that is causing this?


          You mention your 'whole office' which makes me wonder if this is regarding the Enterprise products.


          I'll move this topic if and when you tell me the version we are discussing.





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            Im sorry about that its Windows Xp SP3 and I ment to say word 2003.

            When I say office I ment my home office. I have 4 computers sitting in a room in my house with this problem.

            And I'm currently using Att Internet Security Suite by McAfee


            I was just wondering if anyone has heard of a virus that causes this.

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              If you have a virus in the computer it doesn’t crashes the Microsoft Office programs alone. However, are you getting any other unwanted pop-ups (or) security alerts on the computer?


              Also, there are chances where this may occur due to some recent Windows Updates also, to check that click on Start> Run> Type appwiz.cpl> Click Ok. Make a check mark in Show updates> Look for Microsoft Office 2003> If you see any recent updates from Microsoft try removing them alone.



              MS Updates.JPG


              Reboot the computer and check the status, if that resolves the issue and then you will have to perform on rest of other 3 computers as well…

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                Ah, understood.  Your printer drivers are up to date I assume?   Also the taskbar icon for McAfee is it square or shield-shaped (2009 or 2010/11 version)?


                I haven't heard of this but a quick Google on the subject suggested drivers needed updating.


                I haven't heard of any virus or malware causing such a thing, but maybe someone will have.