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    epo question


      ok, what I need is to push out some software to users workstations.

      we are using the vendors app to do so. (it's built into it )

      but when I try to push out the program Mcafee blocks it thinking it's a virus.

      how should I be doing this, the documentation talks only of mcafee deployment

      and mcafee this and that, mostly it just gets in the way and is annoying.


      EPO 4.5

      Agent 450.1270

      Mcafee Enterprise 8.7i


      This product is supposed to make things easier not more dificult.





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          Most likely what you are experiencing is McAfee's Access Protection preventing an install from running.  Look at the Access logs on a sample machine.  You should see what is being blocked.  Then go in to the Access Protection section of your System Polices (in ePO) and add that executable to the exempt binaries.