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    Error EE050002 Unknown User-Been working fine for days

      Hi Guys, I'd appreciate any help you could provide.


      We encypted 10 new Lenovo laptops, and had a few bumps along the way, but managed to get them all encrypted and allowing our domain users to log in with their credentials.


      Then all of the sudden, one after another, Endpoint Encryption will no longer let anyone log in. giving the 'Unknown User' error mentioned above.  It won't recognize any domain users including ones that had been working fine for days.  Won't recognize Adminstrator either.


      We go through the product recovery to get in to Windows, but after restarting get the same thing.  If we re-install the agent from scratch we can end up getting it to work again.


      Oh, and we noticed that after this happens, the Domain Users group has been removed from the Encrypted Users list in EPO.


      We are using EPO version 4.5.




      Justin Thompson