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    Cant see McAfee Clients due ePO Server



      we´ve got a little Problem with McAfee Agent 4.5  & Antivirus 8.7i.


      We have installed McAffe on over 6000 Clients right now. At this time i can only manage round about 5000 Clients due the ePO.

      The rest (about 1000) i cant see. I Know that McAfee is installed on this Computers, because we installed it with enteo Netinstall.

      But these 1000 Computer which i cant see due ePO are already up to date. They get their Updates from one of our Agent Handler, but they dont

      show up in the ePO. Why??


      I think i´ve made all necessary Firewall changes, even the friewall log doesnt show any strange.


      Can someone help me?



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          Attila Polinger



          please do this:


          1. pick one problem client (and check if you really do not see in ePO tree)

          2. enforce an ASCI from the client (either from the agent interface if you can or issuing a cmdagent.exe /p command from withitn agent install folder)

          3. check - regularly - server.log on the ePO server for the name of this client and see what ePO says.


          You might see something like ePO rejecting the client or otherwise abnormal handling of it. could you post here the relevant excerpt of server.log?


          I would say you are having some duplicate AgentGUIDs and/or MAC addresses on top of this, which might contribute to this issue, but as far as I know the McAfee Agent 4.5 has support to regenerate its GUID when ePO 4.5 server tells it to do so... you might not have ePo 4.5 I suppose....