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      I keep getting a blue screen shuting down my PC.  I tried to chat on line with McAfee tech support, but that locks up my PC.  What

      can I do about the blue screen?

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          Sorry for the inconvenience caused, but could you please clarify the following:


          1.    What is your operating system?

          2.    Since when you are getting this blue screen on the computer?

          3.    Are you getting this blue screen only when you shutdown the computer (or) When you access any application?

          4.    What is the version of McAfee programs you have installed in your computer and how was that installed is it through website (or) disk?

          5.    Do you have any other security software installed in your computer now (or) earlier?

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            I have Windows XP svc pack 3.  I get the screen at different times, but I think it happens after a McAfee updates.  I have version 10.5 updated 11-17-10, but the DAT is 6174 and was updated 11-21-10 and I receive the blue screen this afternoon.  I download renewal from the web site.  I have had McAfee

            since setting up the PC.  Back in July I added a program called FileCure, but it was not what I was lead to believe it to be.  I removed it, I hope.  I also

            think I have been getting this blue screen before FileCure.  The blue screen error code is 0x0000001A.

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              Click on Start> Run> Type MSConfig> Click Services Tab> Make a check mark in Hide all Microsoft Services and then click on disable all (excluse McAfee services)> perform the same in the Startup Tab as well> Click on Ok, ignore any access denied message and close it.


              Reboot the computer and check the status.

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                I did this, but not sure what you mean when you say "check your status".  Why would I need to change my start up from normal?

                Before I did this I received another blue screen with error Stop: 0x0000001A (0x00041284, 0x087E001, 0x00000000, 0xC0883000).

                It must have something to do with updates, because my Virus Scan was update today and the Anti Spam was updated today also.

                Please help me understand what is going on.


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                  We understand the McAfee programs got updated recently. However, there may be various reasons to encounter a blue screen in the computer – such as:

                  ·         Recent Windows Update

                  ·         Any hardware/software installation (or) driver updates

                  ·         Malware infection

                  ·         Hard disk problem

                  ·         Multiple security programs related services running in a computer


                  I have asked you to disable other services in MSConfig just to make sure whether it’s happening due to McAfee or anything else is causing this issue. Moreover, click on the Useful Links on top of this page, run the McAfee Removal Tool (MCPR) reboot the computer and check whether the Blue Screen occurs or not…

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